Evolution Gaming's Double Ball Roulette Rules & Payouts

Double Ball Roulette plays very much like a traditional Roulette game with just a couple of different additions. Firstly Double Ball Roulette of course plays with a second additional ball. These balls are launched mechanically via a special patented device which ensures zero dealer obstruction and offers a completely random outcome.

The second difference compared to playing a standard version of Roulette are the different payouts and bets which are displayed below and of course on the actual games interface itself.

For betting inside:

You are betting that one of the two balls lands on your number. This means your chances are doubled as only one ball is needed to win. Shown below is the games launch graphic and payouts for inside bets.


Payouts for at least one ball to land:

Straight up = 17 to 1

Split = 8 to 1

Street = 5 to 1

Corner = 3.5 to 1

Line = 2 to 1

These payouts above are doubled if both balls happen to land on your chosen selection.

Play Evolution Gaming's Double Ball Roulette

Betting outside and gold bets:

Super size your payouts! For outside bets which are displayed in gold two balls are needed to win. For example, bet red and both balls must land in a red pocket to win. You can also make bets on the outcome that two balls could land on the same number and for a huge payout you can bet on the outcome of two balls landing on a selected number which if it comes in ... will pay a very nice 1,300 to 1 !!!

Shown below is the second launch graphic displaying the gold bets and their payouts accordingly.


Payouts for outside bets, both balls must land:

On selected number = 1,300 to 1

On any number = 35 to 1

Column = 8 to 1

Dozen = 8 to 1

Even = 3 to 1

Odd = 3 to 1

Red = 3 to 1

Black = 3 to 1

1-18 = 3 to 1

19-36 = 3 to 1

Red/Black = 1 to 1

There are obviously many different ways you can play Double Ball Roulette in terms of how you place bets. Ultimately it will all depend on how lucky you are during your sessions. Thanks to the potential of 1,300 to 1 payouts you could potentially walk away with a fortune!

Best of luck!

Play Evolution Gaming's Double Ball Roulette